Sugar-Free Oval Pops

Candy Creek Oval Pops are available in Sugar Free.

We took our delicious flavors and put them in a pop that is about 1/3 larger. You can get them in a 12 pound carton with about 500 Oval Pops or a 4 pound carton with about 160 Oval Pops.

Candy Creek Sugar Free In Eight Fruit Flavors Oval Pops.

Flavors and colors that are bright clear and luscious,Sour Apple, Watermelon, Concord Grape, Italian Lemon, Wild Strawberry, Tangerine, Raspberry Crush and Blue Berry Blast. They taste so good they may not believe you when you say "They’re sugar free!” Candy Creek Sugar-Free Flavors

Sugar Free Fruit Zanys® Oval Pops.

Lollipops in six of our luscious fruit flavors get dressed up in a colorful and zany way. Blue Berry Blast, Persian Lime (green), Raspberry Crush (dark pink), Wild Strawberry (red), Concord grape (purple), and Tangerine (orange).

Sugar Free Peppermint Zanys ® Oval Pops.

Delicious sugar free peppermint Lollipops, They're like candy canes without the sticky fingers. Zany Canes have a light and fresh peppermint taste that is loved by children of all ages.

Candy Creek Sugar-Free Ingredients

  • Zero Sugar,
  • 9.5 Grams of carbs and 0 net carbs
  • Just 20 calories per pop
  • Glycemic Index of 2
  • Does not promote tooth decay.
  • Fat free and salt free
  • They’re Kosher
  • Volume discounts available, please call.

Sugar Free Oval Pops, Bulk 12 lb. Carton, 8 Fruit Flavors

Sugar Free Oval Pops, 8 Fruit Flavors, 4 lb. Carton

Sugar Free Fruit Zany Oval Pops, Bulk 12 lb. Carton,

Sugar Free Fruit Zany Oval Pops, Bulk 4 lb. Carton,