Sugar Free Fruit Zany Oval Pops, Bulk 12 lb. Carton,

Sugar Free Fruit Zany Oval Pops, Bulk 12 lb. Carton,

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Sugar Free Candy Creek Lollipops in 6 mouth watering flavors, Strawberry, Concord Grape, Blueberry Blast, Tangerine, Red Raspberry, Persian Lime. We sell sugar free lollipops for toddlers and adults alike. Buying in bulk is a great deal for a doctor's office, bank, or anywhere that needs lots of lollipops.

About 500 lollipops.

We use Isomalt for our sugar substitute because

  • It has a glycemic index or GI of 2,
  • Makes a lollipop with only 12 calories
  • Just 5.7 grams of carb per pops and O net carbs
  • Has a shelf life approximately twice of our sugar candy
  • Does not promote tooth decay
  • Starts out as beet sugar before processing.
  • It eats and tastes GREAT!

This creates a candy that will have a minimum effect on your blood sugar while being surprisingly flavorful and delightfully sweet.

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