Same great flavors in a larger size!

We took two of our popular flavor mix’s, Classic ten fruit flavors and Fruit Zanies® and put them in a pop that is about 1/3 larger. You can get them in a 20 pound carton with about 840 Big-Suckers or a 5 pound carton with about 210 Big-Suckers.

Candy Creek Classic Ten Fruit flavor Big Suckers.

Flavors and colors that are bright clear and luscious. Persian lime, Watermelon, Raspberry Crush, Wild Strawberry, Georgia Peach, Italian Lemon, Concord Grape,Tangerine, Root Beer and Blue Berry Blast. Candy Creek Classic Flavors,

Fruit Zany® Big Suckers.

Lollipops in six of our luscious fruit flavors get dressed up in a colorful and zany way. Blue Berry Blast, Persian Lime (green), Raspberry Crush (dark pink), Wild Strawberry (red), Concord grape (purple), and Tangerine (orange).

- About 42 to a pound.
- Fat free.
- They're Kosher
- Smiles Guaranteed!

Big Suckers Lollipops, Bulk 20 lb. Carton, 10 Fruit Flavors

Big Suckers Lollipops, Bulk 5 lb. Carton, 10 Fruit Flavors

Paddle Pop Sampler, 6 FANCY Fruit Flavored Pops

Fruit Flavored Paddle Pops in a Candy Jar, Classic mix

Fruit Zany Big Suckers, Bulk 20 lb. Carton

Fruit Zany Big Suckers, Bulk 5 lb. Carton