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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Candy


Celebrate Your Irish Roots with Candy Creek Lucky Pops

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the USA each year. Parades are held around the country, people dress in green, and Irish music flows out of pubs. People everywhere have their own St. Patrick’s Day traditions, and ours is making a fresh batch of our delicious Wintergreen Lucky Pops. Their sweet, refreshing taste is made with natural wintergreen flavor, and their green and white zany design perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s day is also known as Feast Day, and is held on March 17th, the date of St. Patrick’s death. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, a title he earned by bringing Christianity to the nation. Originally, the holiday was religious in nature, and pubs across Ireland were close to observe church services. In the 18th century, the holiday took on new meaning in the USA. Irish immigrants used St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to come together and celebrate their cultural history. They paraded in the streets, playing music, dancing, and wearing traditional dress. Today, people of all ages march in parades all over the world to celebrate their Irish roots.


Lollipops and parades go hand in hand, so naturally St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. Candy Creek’s Lucky Pops make celebrating with family and friends even sweeter. Buy a box, or a few boxes, to hand out at your local parade, share a box with your co-workers at the office, or fill a jar with our festive pops for your customers or patients. Our lollipops bring smiles wherever they go, so spread a little extra cheer this St. Patrick’s Day with mouthwatering wintergreen pops.


Wintergreen lollipops are available in two sized boxes, a 5 pound box with about 300 pops and an 18 pound box with about 1050 pops. Our smaller boxes are a great option for individuals, families, and small business, while our larger boxes are a great option for companies, and those looking for parade candy. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Candy Creek lollipops.

The History of Lollipops

Today, lollipops are typically defined as a hard candy that is eaten off of a stick. Lollipops are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, and are enjoyed by people around the world. The history of lollipops, and where their name originally came from, is debated, but the story begins thousands of years ago, perhaps with cavemen.


Eating sugary substances off a stick has been a practice in many civilizations throughout history. It has been speculated that the first instance of this was cavemen collecting and eating honey from beehives with a stick. The next, and slightly more advanced, development in this practice is thought to be during the ancient ages. The Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians used honey to preserve fruit and nuts. This mixture would be made on a stick to make it easier to eat as it hardened over time. In the middle ages, nobles ate boiled sugar with a stick. At this time, sugar was not produced in large quantities, making it a very expensive and luxurious treat, only accessible to the wealthy. Shortly after the end of the middle ages, this changed as technology improved and sugar cane was grown and produced in bulk.

Records show that in 17th century England, an early version of what we know as the lollipop was sold throughout London by street vendors. These sugary treats were made of soft candy since machines to insert the sticks automatically had not yet been invented. Although these candies were different in texture, and most likely appearance, than modern lollipops, the concept was the same: a delicious, sugary treat that can be eaten without making a mess, and enjoyed by children and adults alike.


The beginning of the 20th century brought about the modern lollipop. There is much debate about who first made hard candies on a stick, where the name lollipop came from, and who was the first to invent a machine to produce them. What we know for sure, is that during the first half of the 1900s, there were a few different people, in factories around the US, that helped shape lollipops as we know them.


In the 1880s, George Smith of New Haven, CT observed a chocolate company who was making chocolates and caramels on sticks. He found this an intriguing idea and decided to apply this technique to his own, hard candy business, Bradley Smith Company. In 1908, Smith named these candies Lolly Pops after a local race horse, and applied for a trademark on the name. It was years before he was granted the trademark as there were records of candies called this name in the past, but in 1931, Lolly Pops officially got their name. The Bradley Smith Company started out making the candies by hand, but in order to meet demand, they created their own patented machine to automate the process. These early lollipops were sold for a penny each.


There are records of another confectionery company in Connecticut, the McAviney Candy Company, also creating a product like the modern lollipop around the same time as the Bradley Smith Company. As the story goes, this happened almost by accident. The employees would use wooden sticks to stir the candy as it cooked, and throughout the day candy would accumulate on the stick. By the end of each day, there would be many left over “candy sticks” which employees would bring home to their children. Soon they started selling these candy sticks to the public.

fruit lollipops by candy creek in a glass jar

Also in 1908, the Racine Confectionery Machine Company in Racine, Wisconsin was creating hard candy on a stick. They created the Racine Automatic Sucker Machine which placed hard candies on the ends of sticks. Shortly after in 1912, Samuel Born invented the Born Sucker Machine in California, which automatically inserted sticks into hard candy. This invention was widely celebrated in San Francisco.

No matter who was truly the first to put hard candy on a stick, all of these endeavors helped create the modern lollipop, one of the world’s most popular candies.

Heart Pops for Valentine’s Day


Our strawberry cream heart pops make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Whether you are handing out candy grams to friends, family, coworkers, etc., filling the office candy bowl, or holding a fundraiser, these lollipops are guaranteed to bring smiles. Candy Creek’s lollipops are made with the highest quality ingredients using old world craftsmanship, to ensure they are always fresh and delicious.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love and showing others how much you appreciate them. Our special heart lollipops are the perfect way to do this. Available in two size options at incredible prices, they are great for individuals as well as commercial customers. Our 5 pound box contains about 130 pops and our 18 pound box 470 pops.


The 5 pound box is a great option for those looking to hand out lollipops to friends and classmates. Pairing a delicious strawberry cream lollipops with a personalized card makes a thoughtful Valentine’s Day treat. This carton size is also great for smaller offices looking to fill the candy bowl with something that will show employees how much they are appreciated.

For commercial customers and those looking for candy for fundraisers, we would recommend our 18 pound cartons. This size is perfect for businesses that hand out candy year-round, like banks and doctors’ offices, and would like to stock something extra special for Valentine’s Day. Heart pops are slightly larger than our round lollipops, and the extra candy will show your customers that you appreciate their business. For fundraisers, this size box has a great profit margin. Read our full blog post on Candy Gram Fundraisers for more information.


Everyone likes to feel special on Valentine’s Day, and receiving a surprise candy gram from a friend, someone special, or a secret admirer is sure to do the trick. Read below to see how others have used our lollipops on Valentine’s Day and to get inspiration for your own candy grams.

Candy Gram Fundraisers with Heart Lollipops

heart lollipop candy gram fundraisers

Candy gram fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your school, team, club, or other organization, and Candy Creek lollipops make the perfect candy gram candy. Our bulk pops are available at an incredible price and have an amazing profit margin when used for a fundraiser. To host a fundraiser everyone will love, make money, and spread happiness, buy a carton, or two, of Candy Creek lollipops.

heart lollipops vs round lollipops by candy creek

Our heart lollipops are ideal for candy gram fundraisers. Their delicious strawberry cream flavor is sure to be a hit, and their marbled red and white color pattern is fun and festive. We make our heart suckers larger than our classic round lollipops with fundraisers in mind, so you can charge a little extra and the candy gram recipients get a little extra candy. Heart pops are available in two bulk sizes, a five pound box with about 130 pops and an eighteen pound box with about 470 pops. Below we have outlined the profit margins for each size option so you can choose the best one for your fundraiser.


To set up your candy gram fundraiser for success, follow these easy steps:

  • Leading up to your fundraiser, make sure to advertise. Create banners, make announcements over the intercom, and spread the word amongst your friends and classmates.

  • Create extra special candy gram cards. The cards that go along with the lollipops can relate to what you are fundraising for, or the time of year you are holding your fundraiser. If you’re raising money for your soccer team, create soccer ball cards. If you are holding a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, make grams that match the occasion. Our heart pops are, of course, perfect for Valentine’s Day, but are also great for year-round fundraisers.

  • Set up a table during lunch, free period, and before and after school to sell your candy grams. Set the price at $1 each, giving you an incredible profit margin, and encouraging students to participate.

  • Have students write a personalized message on each candy gram, as well as the recipient’s name and their homeroom, so you know where to deliver it to.

  • Have fun! Showing your enthusiasm about whatever it is you are fundraising for will encourage others to participate. Plus, you’re selling candy, who wouldn’t be excited!



“I bought these for a school fundraiser, and I’m so glad I chose Candy Creek over all the other retailers! They are delicious and were such a great price for the bundle! Our fundraiser has been such a huge success! Thanks Candy Creek! I’ll be sure to order from your company the next time I need something sweet for a fundraiser :-)”

“These worked perfectly for our PTO’s valentine’s day candy grams. They were not too small or too big! Great find!”

“Ordered these suckers for a Valentine’s Candy Gram for the High School Club that I am Advisor. OUR STUDENTS LIVED THIS HIGH QUALITY ITEM!!!! Thank you so much! Very tasty and delivered expediently!”

Candy Creek Sugar Free Lollipops

So Good You Won’t Believe They’re Sugar Free


We take great pride in our sugar-free lollipops because we have provided our customers with a guilt-free sugarless option that does not compromise on taste. Our sugar-free suckers have a glycemic index of G2 and only 12 calories per pop. We offer a wide assortment of sugar-free flavors, in two different bulk carton sizes.

Our sugar-free recipe was carefully crafted to bring you delicious lollipops that taste like they’re made with real sugar and have a minimum effect on blood sugar. We chose to use isomalt for our sugar substitute for a variety of reasons. The first being that it tastes great! But also because it has just 5.7 grams of carbs per pop, does not promote tooth decay, originates from beet sugar, and has a shelf life twice as long as our regular pops. To make our sugarless pops even more delicious, we added sucralose, an artificial sweetener which mimics the sweetness of sugar and does not have an aftertaste like some artificial sweeteners. To learn more about our recipe visit our Sugar Free Lollipop Ingredients Page.


Our sugar-free lollipops are available in the following mouthwatering flavors:

Classic Fruit – Our sugar-free classic fruit assortment contains 8 classic fruit favorite: strawberry, watermelon, concord grape, blueberry blast, lemonaid, tangerine, red raspberry, and sour apple.

sugar free fruit lollipops

Fruit Zanys – We took our 6 most popular fruit flavors and created these zany pops. Flavors include: blueberry blast, Persian lime, raspberry crush, wild raspberry, concord grape, and tangerine.

sugar free fruit zany lollipops

Peppermint Zany Canes – Our take on classic candy canes, these sugar-free pops bring back that refreshingly sweet peppermint flavor everyone loves, without the mess and broken candy. Enjoy these holiday favorites year round!

sugar free peppermint zany lollipops

Butterscotch Swirl – Our sugarless butterscotch lollipops deliver the same delicious, creamy, buttery, sweet flavor, just without the sugar.

sugar free butterscotch swirl lollipops

Chocolate Mint Zanys – Made with real chocolate liquor, these pops are an extra special treat. Indulge in their rich chocolate mint flavor guilt-free!

sugar free chocolate mint zany lollipops

Oval Pops – Our sugar-free lollipops also come in our larger oval pop size. Choose from Classic Fruit and Fruit Zany oval pops in 4 lb. and 12 lb. cartons.

sugar free fruit oval lollipops

Many of our customers use our sugar-free pops to help them quit smoking. Having a sweet treat, specifically a lollipop,  on hand can help curb cravings by replacing the physical motion of smoking a cigarette while also distracting your mind with the delicious flavor. Sugar-free pops are a great option for those looking to quit smoking because they will reduce your sugar intake and have a minimal effect on your blood sugar. For more information about using lollipops to help you quit smoking read our Quit Smoking with Lollipops blog post.


For our commercial customers, sugar-free lollipops are always a good option. Whether you’re buying pops for a fundraiser, parade, bank, or office, choosing sugar-free means everyone can enjoy our mouthwatering lollipops. They are an especially good option for doctors’ offices and dentists because our recipe does not promote tooth decay. All of our most popular flavors are available in a sugarless option, and your customers won’t know the difference.


“These are the BEST sugar-free lollipops I’ve ever had. Not only are the lollipops great, but their customer service is amazing. If I could give more stars, I would. I usually don’t like lemon or green lollipops and neither does my family, but let me just say that we were all blown away by them; the green apple and tangerine ended up being my favorite ones.”

“Great treats for the grandbabies! They have no idea they are sugar free. My way of treating the kids without any guilt. The kids love all the flavors. Will definitely order again”

“These are great sugar free suckers/lollipops. They are a good size to have even for adults looking for a guilt free treat. They are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse but big enough to satisfy. I have not noticed any melting problems when in the pocket. They are sweet but not overly sweet that I have found with some sugar free stuff. They taste like they are have normal sugar in them. The flavors are a good variety each tasting different.

I bought these for my daughter who has Autism and needed an alternative to all the sugar she was having in the regular ones.
She loves these ones
My son and I also enjoy them ”

“My husband is on a diet and craves a sweet during the day and the lollipops, being sugar free, fill the bill. He enjoys the variety of flavors and it has been a terrific diet aid. In addition, my son is a truck driver who smokes a lot and he takes a huge bag of the lollipops on the road with him to offset the desire for a cigarette. It has helped him cut back on the number of cigarettes he smokes daily. I have just ordered my second box of lollipops and I intend to continue to purchase them. I have looked all over to find a product that satisfies and is sugar free. Candy Creek is just what I was looking for.”

Zany Cane Lollipops: The Candy Cane on a Stick

Zany Cane Peppermint Lollipops

Candy Creek’s zany cane lollipops are a whole new take on candy canes. We’ve recreated the delicious candy cane flavor using sweet, fresh tasting peppermint so you can enjoy this classic holiday taste without the sticky fingers. Our lollipops are made with high-quality ingredients and sold in bulk at incredible prices with free shipping. The 18 pound box is our most popular size for businesses and parade / giveaways, and includes approximately 1050 lollipops for just $66.95!

Candy Cane Lollipops

Everyone loves a good candy cane around the holiday season, but no one likes sticky fingers. Our zany cane suckers take all the wonderful and festive aspects of candy canes, and eliminate the qualities everyone could live without. Lollipops are, of course, on a stick which means you won’t have to worry about getting sticky fingerprints on those important work papers. You also can relax, knowing your kids won’t smear their sticky hands all over the walls. In addition, our lollipops won’t break into pieces like candy canes so often do.   Zany canes are the perfect sized treat to enjoy worry free.

candy cane lollipops alternative

Our lollipops are perfect for handing out to friends, coworkers, and students during the holiday season. Pair each little treat with a personalized note to show others how much you appreciate them. For teachers, zany canes make a festive reward for students and serve as a little extra motivation to get that math problem right. Our pops are also great for families looking for a holiday treat, and are available in a smaller 5 lb carton that is perfect for family gatherings and personal use.

candy cane lollipops at a business

Zany Canes are great for commercial customers looking to change up their candy selection for the holidays. In addition to our 5 pound boxes, we have an 18 pound box with approximately 1050 lollipops.  For our business customers we offer a volume discount when you purchase 5 or more large cartons.   Banks are among our top customers, and by simply changing their candy offering during the holidays, they are sure to make their customer’s smile. We also fill lots of zany cane orders for mall Santas, who love being able to offer something new, different, and exceptionally delicious.


Our customers love zany canes, and often come to us with stories about their holiday parties, parades, fundraisers and more. Read their reviews below.


“We love these lollipops! This is our third year to order these for the holiday season. Our customers at the bank love them and ask for them throughout the year. Thanks for such a good product.”

“Lollipops were delicious and adorable. We used for promo handouts during a performance with my Holiday caroling company. These lollis were such a fun alternative to candy canes (that often break too easily) and were perfect for what we needed.”

“These lollipops are insanely delicious! Perfect peppermint vs sugar ratio. Size is good for children and adults. Comes packaged with a personal note from heart of the president of the company. I added about half of the box to this jar so it looks cute as a decoration as well as a little something sweet! Nicely done!”

Lollipop Breath Mints: Peppermint & Wintergreen

lollipop breath mints - peppermint and wintergreen
Candy Creek offers two deliciously fresh minty flavored lollipops, peppermint zany canes and
wintergreen zany canes. These pops are holiday favorites, but their classic tastes make them perfect to enjoy year round as well. Our minty pops are of course a mouthwatering treat, but they also double as breath fresheners. Indulge your sweet tooth and feel confident with minty fresh breath.
minty fresh breath Bad breath is nobody’s friend, and can be especially troublesome if you regularly work with people or are very social. Bad breath occurs for a variety of reasons including: dry mouth, bacteria build up, and consuming certain strong foods like garlic or coffee. These causes are completely normal and affect everyone at some point. If you experience bad breath, it is nothing to feel bad about and can, in most cases, be easily fixed with a breath mint.
banish garlic breath with lollipop breath mints
Breath mints deal with bad breath in two ways. First, they cover up the odor with a fresh, minty smell to provide immediate relief. Second, the action of sucking on and eating a mint, or lollipop, causes you to produce saliva. The saliva then is able to wash away the bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth and gums that is causing the odor in the first place, leaving your whole mouth refreshed. Lollipops are a great alternative to traditional breath mints because they are extra good at gently scraping odor-causing bacteria off your tongue, ensuring that your saliva is able to wash it all away.
peppermint and wintergreen lollipop breath mints
Our peppermint and wintergreen lollipops are available in two carton sizes, a 5 lb carton with about 300 lollipops and an 18 lb carton with about 1050. The peppermint zany canes are also available in a delicious sugar-free option that is great for those who frequently use breath mints. Our sugarless suckers are so good you won’t know they’re sugar-free, and our carefully crafted recipe ensures they won’t melt in your pocket when you’re on the go.
sugar free peppermint zany lollipops as breath mints
Candy Creek is here to help make sure bad breath never gets in the way of your work or social life. Try our peppermint or wintergreen lollipops to freshen your breath. They make the perfect morning or afternoon treat and will ensure you don’t with into a meeting or social get-together with coffee or garlic breath. Try our sugar-free peppermint pops to indulge guilt-free.

Quit Smoking with Lollipops

Quitting Smoking is Hard, Let Us Help You Along the Way

Lollipops have been used throughout history to help people quit smoking, and our pops are the perfect tool to help you curb your cravings.

Everyone is unique and must approach quitting smoking in a way that will fit them, but there are a few key steps you can take that will keep you on track to success.

The first, and most important step is actually making the decision to quit, a decision you must make and be completely committed to. Once you’ve made this decision, it can be helpful to identify the specific factors motivating you to quit, so you can easily think back on them when you are experiencing cravings.

Next, it is essential to make yourself a game plan. Decide when you are going to quit, and what approach you will be taking. For some the cold turkey approach is more effective, while others may feel like a more gradual approach would suit them better. It is also important to consider what tools you will use to curb cravings, hold yourself accountable, and get the emotional support you need. Planning this out before quitting will ensure you know where to turn when you are having a hard time, and can help keep you on track.

Smokers have found our lollipops to be an affordable and delicious way to help satisfy their cravings without turning back to cigarettes. Enjoying a lollipop give you something to do that mimics the physical motions of smoking a cigarette, and the delicious tastes helps distract from the nicotine cravings and refocus your mind.

Candy Creek lollipops are the perfect size to keep in your pocket or bag when you are on the go to ensure you always have one on hand when you experience cravings. It is important to think ahead and recognize the times of day, places, or activities that might trigger cravings, so that you can be prepared when it happens. Our most popular pops are the classic fruit assortment which includes ten mouth watering flavors, ensuring you won’t get sick of eating the same flavor over and over. We also sell lollipops in a wide variety of specialty flavors, including our new Soda Shop Pops, if you are looking to try something different.

Our customers love that our pops are made with quality ingredients, are only 25 calories per pop, and are available in sugar free flavors, providing a healthier alternative to other lollipops on the market.


“These suckers are used in a smoking cessation class. Sugar free never tasted better. The participants love them.”

“I have quit smoking and was looking for a sugar free pop to fill the void. After trying 5 other brands I found this one to be the best. Thank you!!!”

“I quit smoking last March, 2018. These are best SUGAR FREE SUCKERS…….ITS MY 3RD TIME PURCHASING THEM…….THE’RE GREAT.”

Halloween Lollipops – The Perfect Giveaway Candy

Change up your Halloween candy this year with a box of our Spooky Pops. These little suckers come in three deliciously spooky flavors: blood brains (watermelon), slime (green apple), and eyeballs (boo berry), and are packaged individually in Halloween themed wrappers. Whether you’re handing out candy from home, in a bank, or your office, we’ve got you covered.


Our five pound boxes come with about 300 pops and are the perfect size to fill your candy bowl and pass out to the neighborhood kids. Handing out lollipops, especially Halloween themed ones, provides trick or treaters with a special treat. Our lollipops add something unique to the mix of traditional Halloween candy kids get every year, and are sure to bring excitement throughout the neighborhood.

Halloween Lollipops, Eyeballs - BooBerry Flavor by Candy Creek

Spooky Pops are also a great way to spread a bit of Halloween spirit around your office or workplace. Fill a bowl in your breakroom or hand out pops around the office. Everyone loves candy, and getting one of our spooky pops is sure to brighten your coworkers’ day.

Halloween Lollipops, Blood and Brains - Watermellon Flavor by Candy Creek

Are you a bank or doctor’s office that normally hands out lollipops? Switch out your normal offering for our Spooky Pops this October. Grab a pumpkin basket, order a box or two of pops, and spread the Halloween spirit. Receiving one of our fun and delicious lollipops will bring smiles to your customers or patients of all ages.

Halloween Lollipops, Green Slime - Sour Apple Flavor by Candy Creek

We make one batch of Spooky Pops a year just for the Halloween season, so make sure to grab your box while supplies last.


Soda Shop Inspired Lollipop Flavors

Our collection of Classic Soda Shop pops bring back the flavors of old time soda shop drinks in lollipop form. Our flavors are inspired by classic sodas and flavor combos and include: root beer float, orange float, strawberry banana, pineapple coconut (pina colada), and cherry vanilla.

Before soda was sold as a refreshment, soda water, or carbonated water, was sold by pharmacies as medicine for a variety of ailments. It was believed that naturally occurring mineral water had healing properties, so when soda water was invented in 1767, it was thought to have these same healing properties. Medicine was added to soda water to enhance its benefits for different illnesses, and flavorings were added to improve the taste. People liked these bubbly beverages so much, they began drinking them purely for enjoyment, and thus began the production of soda as a refreshing drink.

Because of the origins of soda water, soda shops originated as pharmacies or apothecaries that slowly transformed into the classic soda shops of the 1900s. Food was added to their menus, which first made them popular hangout spots. In the 1870s, ice cream was added to soda, creating floats, what we think of as classic soda shop drinks.

Our soda shop pops bring back the nostalgic feel of these shops with their bar stools, jukeboxes, checkered floors, and most importantly their cool refreshing ice cream floats.

Root Beer Float

Rootbeer Float Soda Shop Pops

Indulge in our root beer float lollipops. The refreshing flavor of root beer is swirled together with vanilla creating the creamy and oh so delicious taste of a classic root beer float.

Traditionally, the flavor of root beer comes from the roots and bark of the sassafras plant. Long before root beer was a carbonated beverage, sassafras drinks were made by indigenous peoples for medicinal purposes. Root beer was first sold in stores in the 1840s as a syrup that had to be mixed into a beverage. It is thought that this syrup was first mixed with soda water in the 1850s to create a similar drink to the one we enjoy today. Root beer no longer contains natural sassafras, but gets its flavor from artificial sassafras along with a variation of other herbs and flavorings including vanilla, wintergreen, licorice, sarsaparilla root, and molasses.

The taste of our root beer lollipops is sure to bring back the feeling of sitting on a stool at a soda shop counter with your best friends and a float in hand.

Orange Float


Our orange float soda shop pops mix refreshingly bubbly orange soda with creamy vanilla ice cream, bringing you an orange float in a lollipop. These suckers were created with the intention of bringing back the flavors of decadent soda shop drinks. The nostalgic feel of classic soda shops has been all but lost in a time where people drink soda directly out of a can. Our pops allow you to slow down and once again enjoy the magic that happens when ice cream is added to soda.

Strawberry Banana


Our strawberry banana lollipops bring back a classic soda shop flavor duo. Our all time favorite milkshake is strawberry banana so we had to include this timeless flavor in our soda shop pop collection. Our strawberry banana pops are specially designed to wrap one flavor around the other so you can taste the unique flavor of each fruit while enjoying them together.

Pineapple Coconut


Our pineapple coconut lollipops bring together the juicy taste of fresh pineapple with creamy coconut, and are as refreshing as the drink that inspired them. While creating this flavor we imagined sipping on tall glasses of frothy pina coladas on a hot summer day. There is just something about this combination of flavors that transports your mind to sandy beaches and palm trees, so relax and unwind with our pina colada lollipops.

Cherry Vanilla


Our cherry vanilla lollipops bring together a rich, red cherry flavor with creamy vanilla. Think back to the classic soda shop drink with all the fixings: whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and a red and white striped straw, all served in a tall, fountain glass.


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