Introducing Wintergreen Lollipops

Our new Zany Cane Wintergreen Lollipops are the perfect partner for our very popular Zany Cane Peppermint Lollipops. With natural wintergreen flavoring and a nice green and white color, our wintergreen lollipops are a nice change of pace.  Especially during the holidays!




We offer them in two sizes:

5lb box – $26.95 – 300 pops   

20lb box – $62.95 – 1200 pops 

Wintergreen is a very popular flavor for mint flavored candies, but it is in fact not technically mint.  It’s unique flavor comes is derived from the leaves of the Gaultheria species of plants. You can see the most common form of wintergreen plants while on hikes in the woods all over the world. The oil used for flavoring candies is made through a steam distillation of the leaves. Winter green has long been known for it’s medicinal value. Native Americans used to drink a tea from the leaves to help with headache, fever, and sore throat as well as general aches and pains.


We only bring in a limited quantity of this delicious holiday candy every year to guarantee freshness. Orders your today. And remember, we guarantee smiles!



High Quality Bank Lollipops Shows Customers You Care

A recent survey by found that three in 10 Americans haven’t visited a bank in at least six months.  With fewer chances to make an impression why would give your customers anything but delicious, high quality bank lollipops?  A sweet reminder of how much you value their business as they leave your counter or drive thru can really makes a difference. There’s a reason TDBank has made bank lollipops a cornerstone of their “Bank Human again” campaign

Went to Drive Thru.jpg

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Need July 4th Candy? Patriot Pops Are The Answer!

July 4th candy is something our customers had been asking us about for years. They needed something for that big 4th of July party, a patriotic candy for their waiting room, and as a economical yet delicious option for tossing of their parade float. Candy Creek created the Patriot Pop precisely to help our customers in these situations.

Fireworks and July 4th Candy

Nothing like fireworks and Patriot Pops

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Parade Candy – Is It Still Allowed In Your Town?

Parades and candy go together like mom and apple pie. Tossing parade candy to spectators has been an American tradition as long there has been candy and parades. Countless Americans have fond memories of catching a piece of candy at a parade, so why is the tradition under attack? Parades are pretty great in general and the promise of a sweet treat makes them that much more exciting.

Parade Candy

Throwing parade candy to spectators is an American tradition, why is it under attack?

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Customized Promotional Lollipops – A Unique & Delicious Treat

Give your customers something unique to remember you by. Something that will reinforce a positive association with your business. An item so simple and inexpensive yet  highly effective. A small token gesture, so special that your customers will share it with their friends. Customized promotional lollipops from Candy Creek can help you achieve this .

Customized Promotional Lollipops

Candy Creek customized promotional lollipops are popular with kids and adults

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Doctors Office Lollipops – Is it still okay to offer lollipops?

Is there a better treat than doctors office lollipops as a child? Going to see the family pediatrician or dentist as a child can be unsettling. Knowing that there is a sweet reward on the other side of such a scary experience is sometimes just enough to help a child put on their bravest face and tough it out. And we’re not just saying that because we sell lollipops! Doctors office lollipops have been around a very long time, putting smiles on children’s faces for generations.

Doctors Office Lollipops

Lollipops are a sweet reward for kids after being so brave at the doctor’s office

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