I am a child care provider and ALL my kids look forward to their Candy Creek (sugar free) Lollipop treat at the end of their day. I can give them this special treat knowing it is sugar free. The parents are happy too.

Charmaine C. from California

...Then I found your website and ordered the 12 flavor sugar free sampler. They just arrived today and not only did she love them, but I did as well! You can rest assured that I will be bringing a few to the next playgroup get together to show the other moms they are very tastie alternatives! Thanks so much!

Kathleen L. from New Jersey

I have received the pops and am very satisfied!!! Thanks for a terrific product. I am using them for part of the gift we will give our football team, who by the way are all candyaholics!!!

Stephani G. from Massachusetts.

The lollipops are fabulous, much better than I had hoped to find. I just placed my second order….. You certainly may use my e-mail, maybe it will help other people with their quitting smoking. ……. a lot of people would suggest sugar free hard candy …… I said no because the stick is a major factor (something to do with your hands) another person suggested chewing on a drinking straw, I said no because it doesn't have a finish factor…….. The perfect replacement The Sugar Free Lollipop! and they taste much better too!

Sheryl S. from St. Paul

Thanks ! Order arrived yesterday. They taste just like in the old days. I'll be ordering again from you!

Frank. Z from North Carolina

Wild Strawberry is the most fabulous sucker that i have ever tasted, …..you should do a survey of the most popular suckers in your gourmet flavors and sell them exclusively as gourmet suckers only!!!! Would increase profits i think!!!! ….., I have always be a fan of wild strawberry but, that’s just me," happy sales to you until we meet again",

Brene from Kentucky

I just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, and great customer service. I have done business with a lot of people online, and your company is the best!! Thanks again.......and see you again soon!!

Rick from Oregon

I am pleased that I came upon your website while looking for peppermint candies last week. I have already made and received 2 shipments from your company, and I am impressed not only with your delicious products, but with the excellent customer service you provide. Outstanding! I will be a returning customer.

D. Raymond from New York

I searched the internet last weekend to find a nice little Valentine gift to send to my great-niece in Ohio. In my search I came across your site and ordered the old fashioned jar of your lollipops. They arrived today and her mother was thrilled! It was candy that she allowed and my little niece thought it was real 'cool' to get candy delivered to her door! The candy did not wait for Valentines Day, they each had 1! What a great site and great service. Living in …, I am away from my extended family. How fun to find your site to send something different and delicious to the child that has everything. Thank you!

Carol from Oklahoma.

I am a new and VERY satisfied customer. Your flavors are wonderful and very intense. I'll be ordering more in the future. Thank you very much for a very tasty and quality product.

Donna C. from Illinois

My 4 1/2 year old son had his tonsils and adenoids out and we received this adorable pail and lollipops. He loved it. My cousin had never ordered from you before but what a great idea. Just wanted to let you know we would be recommending you highly to others! Thanks, he felt a lot better after receiving all those lollipops.

Michelle from Florida.

Thank you for the super fast delivery- I ordered my first box of your lollipops yesterday afternoon and it was at my doorstep first thing this morning. This is the first time I've sampled Candy Creek Lollipops and I must tell you they are superb. The flavors are delightful and the tastes are very clean and intense.

Susan N from New York