Lollipops The Way You Remember

Candy Creek Lollipops are made from only the finest ingredients using old world craftsmanship. We cook the candy for our lollipops at low temperatures using small batch techniques. This creates flavors and colors that are bright, clear and luscious and you can count on a smile in every wrapper.

Lollipops in fun flavors like Persian lime, Watermelon, Raspberry Crush, Wild Strawberry, Georgia Peach, Italian Lemon, Concord Grape,Tangerine,Root Beer, Blue Berry Blast, Peppermint, Butterscotch Swirl and Chocolate Mint. Lollipops the way you remember them.

Seasonal Lollipop Best Sellers
Soda Shop Pops
Patriot Pops
Looking for something a little different, try our new Soda Shop Pops. We introduced these pops last spring and received a great response. We are stocked up and ready for 2019 with plenty of Soda Shop Pops to go around. Great flavors that will take you back to another time.
The Lollipop Blog

History of Lollipops

Today, lollipops are typically defined as a hard candy that is eaten off of a stick. Lollipops are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, and are enjoyed by people around the world. The history of lollipops, and where their name originally came from, is debated, but the story begins thousands of years ago, perhaps with cavemen.

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Lollipops as Breath Mints

Lollipop Breath Mints: Peppermint & Wintergreen lollipop breath mints - peppermint and wintergreen Candy Creek offers two deliciously fresh minty flavored lollipops, peppermint zany canes and wintergreen zany canes. These pops are holiday favorites, but their classic tastes make them perfect to enjoy year round as well. Our minty pops are of course a mouthwatering treat, but they also double as breath fresheners. Indulge your sweet tooth and feel confident with minty fresh breath.

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