Candy Creek Custom Lollipops can be designed and wrapped for your brand

Looking for a fun and cost effective promotion for your business, product or service? Candy Creek custom lollipops are a great option.

From adding custom wrappers to our selection of pops to picking your own flavors and colors (see Cruz Thru example below) that matches your brand, Candy Creek will work with you to create a promotional item that looks as good as it tastes!

- Prices start as low as 3 cents per pop. (sugar candy)

- Our Minimum quantity is large to keep the cost low, 150 cartons. If you need just a carton or two please visit Personalized Lollipops

- Ready to talk about your project: please call: 1-800-636-1299

Candy Creek created a custom "Lava Pop" for Cruz Thru car washes. The lollipop is based on our oversize paddle pops and features a custom flavor with the look of lava. The pop also features the Cruz Thru branding on the wrapper.

Custom Lollipops by Candy Creek

Some other examples of custom wrappers we have made.